Specialty in psychiatry: Mexico 2016

Gerhard Heinze , Gina del Carmen Chapa , Jaime Carmona-Huerta

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17711/SM.0185-3325.2016.003


Introduction. In 2011 we had 3823 psychiatrists in Mexico, with an estimated rate of 3.4 per 100 000 inhabitants. In order to achieve the global targets of mental health attention, it is important to update this information.

Objetive. To estimate the total number of psychiatrists in Mexico in 2016; detemine their geographic distribution and compare the results with the ones obtained in 2011.

Method. Longitudinal and comparative study. Diverse sources of information were consulted in order to update the number of psychiatrists in 2016 and to know their sociodemographic characteristics, that were compared with the ones obtained in 2011.

Results. 4 393 psychiatrists practiced their specialty in Mexico in 2016. With a population of 119 530 753 inhabitants, we obtained a rate of 3.68 psychiatrists per 100 000 inhabitants. There´s a poor distribution of theese specialists in the country. Around 60% of all psychiatrists practice in the tree major cities of Mexico.

Discussion and conclusion. The national rate of psychiatrists increase in comparisson with the one we found in 2011, it remains lower that the one recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Geographic distribution of the psychiatrists is inequitative because of centralization and economic factors.

Key words: Mexico, psychiatrists, distribution, board certification.


Mexico; psychiatrists; distribution; board certification